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In English

Pori Free Evangelical Church

We are a bible-believing church located in the heart of Beartown, i.e. Pori. We are passionately committed to following Jesus Christ as presented in the Scriptures and sharing the Good News of the Gospel in our city. We have a number of expats/ native English speakers who worship in our congregation.

Translation into english available at Sunday services.

Our Values are:


Jesus calls us to be his disciples. It is a process, in which we are called to become like Him. The bible tells us Jesus was full of grace and truth. It is a process that will last a lifetime, but one in which we seek to grow.


We are able experience the love of the Lord God, through which we are accepted and loved perfectly because of the redemptive work of Jesus Christ. It is this love we seek to convey by serving in and through the church in various ways.


The Free Evangelical Church of Finland has a tradition of over 100 years. Our church, the Free Church in Pori, is also more than 100 years old. The church is built on the foundation of the inerrancy and accuracy of the Word of God and has remained true to that in our doctrine and teaching. Though the message of the Gospel is not new, we strive to express it creatively and in a variety of ways so that is engaging and impactful today.

For more information, contact Jonathan Kyffin